Self-directed Support

This website is continually under construction, we will endeavour to add relevant information as it becomes available or known to us, if you find we are missing something or would like to add an advocacy case study please help build this resource by emailing with a link or attachment of the information.

About SDS

Self-directed support (SDS) is the principle that people have informed choice about the way their social care and support is provided to them by taking control of the money spent on that support. It is most commonly used in the delivery of social care and support but it can cover a much wider range of services. More here…

SDS Principles and Legislation

For direct links to the Scottish Government SDS Legislation and Guidance and Principles here


SDS and Advocacy

To find out more about the SIAA’s SDS and Advocacy Project click here


SDS Resources

Click here to link to our SDS Resources page where we are attempting to gather as many informative resources as possible to help Advocates.

Our new leaflet detailing ‘How can an advocate help me with Self-directed Support‘ is now available.